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July 23, 2008



I found myself thinking yesterday and Friday about our strong reactions, as an internet community, to the confession of "Nicky" this week over at Father Tony's blog.

So quickly we went from disbelief to annoyance, embarrassment, mistrust and anger. And that started to bother me the more I thought about it. Here we had this "friend" who'd decided to be honest with us, and revealed something we hadn't known that made sense toward explaining how he could have thieved words and photos from other people...and all the folks who'd been a loving, compassionate readership a week before went screaming away and left her alone. I couldn't help but think of how some people in the real world react exactly that way when someone comes out.

Of course, a little time and perspective on that thought made me think more about the previous blogs and the previous times she's done this and how she needed to keep herself submerged in some I'm not sure its as apt a comparison as my guilty and sad-feeling brain originally thought.

Coming Out is something that has to happen for each individual when it's appropriate and safe for them in their own personal life and environment. I can recommend it because, damn, I remember how good it felt...but I would never pressure someone to do it who wasn't comfortable with the idea.

Anyway...make that decision if and when its right for you...and try to live your life as honestly, otherwise, as you can. Don't let the sad ballad of Nicky Cooper dictate who you should be.

I like your blog, Charles, and sorry I never surfed over here before. I've said a few times this past week, that the thing I'm grateful for are the wonderful folks Nicky drew/chose to surround himself with, as so many now feel like good friends.

I'll be back to visit your blog again!

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