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July 29, 2010



I remember getting asked that question a lot when I first came out. To some people it is a really important question/issue. And since I'm sure you're just dying to know...both my husband and I are versatile. In more ways than one, which is one of the things I like best about our relationship.

Carlos Mitchell

I used to think that porn stars had the average endowment size. I was wrong. They're at the higher end of the rule.

I think your animals get more action than you, lol. So, yeah, they'll be thinking, "Finally!", when you get some. I do think having those animals in the same room may freak a guy out. When you get your own place, I'd suggest a separate room just for your spiders and stuff.

As for being a top or bottom or versatile and size, as long as you can get the job done safely, that's all that matters.


Trust me, I know this. I hope they are the higher end of the rule. My lack of experience has proven that wrong. You'll have to ask me for more info.

Yeah! Sadly, it's true. I want them to have their own room. First is thing first, which comes first the guy / the place?

Get the job done safely??? Besides wearing a condom and not getting things destroyed ( see first paragraph? ), I didn't even consider safety. Guess pleasure outweighed safety! NOT! Oh great topic for a new piece. Thanks Carlos!

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