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April 25, 2011



Charles--you will probably never be a politician. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

What about little toes or ears? How about the rough skin around the elbow? Love handles? Nose hairs? Or the spleen or the sinuses?

I just think your answer was kind of a cop-out, because it seems like it's just a stereotypical reaction of a gay man.

I guess I'm just a little disappointed because I really hate the idea of gay=anti-woman.

And I write this only because I feel confident you won't take this as a criticism of who you are or of your opinion. If I didn't respect you, I would not read your blog.


Honestly, Steve, I put down the first thing that came to mind. Yes, there are some really unerotic parts of the body. There is no doubt. I honestly wasnt' even looking at a cop-out. No, I am not one of those anti-woman type guys. I have a some close friends who are woman. I just do not find that body part erotic. Sure, I suppose to our straight counter parts, it is very erotic.

I do a pretty job of taking criticism. Thanks for posting, I really appreciate it.


Thinking about it, I think I was a little harsh. Sorry.

How about the erotic parts? I like the dimples on the back above the waist, though I have to admit that, as PC as I try to be, it really depends on whether it's a guy or a girl!

Thanks for your blog!


The most erotic part, it actually varies from day to day. I think the eyes on a guy are pretty sexy. They express so much. I also love a great ass.

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